Maximising Efficiency With Stackable Plastic Pallets

Things you need to know about Stackable Pallets

When you are pertaining to stackable plastic pallets, you mean you are looking for something that will help maximise your space.   By successfully increasing efficiency in manufacturing, loading and unloading, shipping, warehousing and circulation, labour costs are reduced and productivity is increased. Stackable pallets are typically utilised for larger capacities due to the need for more enormous load capacities. The style of the pallet is affected by the demand for increased capacity.

What is the use of a stackable plastic pallet, and how does it benefit your warehouse space?

The term warehouse is widely used to describe a customised storage facility. By stockpiling goods and constructing stacked loads prior to shipping, frees up precious space.

Stackable Pallets can be used with pallet racking systems, which is advantageous in various warehouse operations. When palletised goods are placed on top of one another, the pallets are considered stackable. Stackable pallets offer their own set of features that boost the efficiency of warehouse operations.

The main advantage of stackable pallets is that they have a sturdy double face base that allows for double stacking with products and other pallets. Pallets that can be stacked or racked are appropriate for high stacking or numerous rack arrangements. They are available in vented or solid forms and can be manufactured from materials tailored to your individual requirements.

Structures and Lifespan of Rackable Plastic Pallets

One of the advantages of plastic pallets is the variety of items available. Plastic pallets can be made from virgin or 100% recycled plastic. We take our influence on the environment extremely seriously and encourage reuse and recycling. Choosing the proper plastic pallet design is crucial but entirely dependent on the application and requirements. If your pallets will directly interact with food or if you want a high level of performance, virgin substances (instead of recycled) are advised. Additionally, they are more aesthetically pleasing. However, repurposed materials provide a more cost-effective and eco-friendly option.

These pallets also have a significantly longer life than wood pallets. Multiple journeys are less likely to result in damage. This platform is perfect for reuse.


Industries Utilising Stackable Plastic Pallets

Every day, many businesses recognise the long-term worth of Plastic Pallets and their unique properties that aid with cleaning and absorption issues.

AXIS Supply Chain provides you with the best Stackable Plastic Pallets

As Australian companies continue to seek out locally-manufactured goods, AXIS Supply Chain has collaborated with Australian manufacturers to reduce lead times and overseas shipping costs whilst supplying market-specific pallets in Australia.

AXIS can give you excellent bulk savings for greater volume orders or continuous requirements, and funding alternatives are also available.

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