Why Are Dunnage Bags Important?

Importance of Dunnage Bags

What are Dunnage Bags?

Dunnage bags, also known as dunnage air bags, are inflatable cushions used to brace palletised loads during shipment. These bags can be made from different types of material, with paper, vinyl, and woven pp being the most common. 

Each dunnage bag is equipped with a bladder inside that can be inflated and deflated as needed. 

Using dunnage bags is a cost-effective method for preventing products from moving during shipping or transportation. Dunnage bags simply fill a void, preventing damage to your goods.

How do you use Dunnage Bags?

Dunnage bags are inflated via specialised inflators, and placed inside voids in each container load. By filling in voids in each load, it helps minimise shock and impact whilst the shipment is in transit. Dunnage bags have a wide range of sizes that help fill in different spaces in a loaded container.

Adding in dunnage bags secures your cargo, and aims to keep goods safe. Without dunnage bags, goods inside the container may end up with damage due to contents shifting during transit.

AXIS Supply Chain Dunnage Bags

Protect your Cargo with AXIS Supply Chain’s Dunnage Bags

With our fast inflation system, it is easy and cost effective to make sure your precious cargo arrives safely. If you are experiencing load shift during transit, reach out to us to talk about our highly effective Dunnage Air Bag range.

AXIS offers both Woven pp and Kraft paper Dunnage Bags in a wide range of sizes. Our range is complemented by a number of fast fill air inflation devices that are designed to load the Dunnage Bag quickly and accurately.

Designed to secure cargo in transit by sea, rail or road. AXIS Dunnage Bags make sure your goods arrive safely.

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