3 Reasons to Use Refurbished Timber Pallets

In the last few years, the logistics industry has had to be more flexible and resilient as the cost of transport and operations as a whole have become unpredictable. Moreover, this unpredictability has been magnified by the shortage of wooden pallets.  Companies within the supply chain have been continually in search of alternatives. There may be several options but companies will find that Refurbished Timber Pallets are actually the most cost-effective. 

Here are 3 reasons to choose Refurbished Timber Pallets:

1. Durability

Refurbished Timber Pallets have a comparable life span to new timber pallets.

2. Environment Friendly

Opting to use Refurbished Timber Pallets reduces the demand for new timber, reducing carbon emissions and landfill.

3. Cost-Efficient

Compared to using new wood, the cost of using Refurbished Timber Pallets is low. Companies can then reallocate budget to other operational improvements that would otherwise have gone to pay for new wooden pallets

AXIS Supply Chain offers Refurbished Timber Pallets and can accommodate bulk orders. Please reach out to our friendly team for your next pallet requirement.

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