Compressed Wood Pallets: An Eco-Friendly Logistics Solution

Wood pallets have been the foundation of logistical operations for decades. Cost-effective alternatives have emerged in recent years as a result of companies needing solutions for various situations. One of the bigger shifts in the supply chain industry is to ensure sustainability in all of the efforts.

When it comes to ensuring that products arrive in the same condition they left, pallets serve as the first line of defence and serve as the fundamental interface for a unit load. Products are secured by absorbing stresses during transport, providing weight support, withstanding forklift impact, and safeguarding products as they travel through the supply chain. 

Because of the recent global effort to maintain sustainability in operations, there is a rise in demand for sustainable alternatives. Compressed Wood Pallets are an excellent substitute for companies looking for more cost-effective and sustainable logistics solutions. 

What are Compressed Wood Pallets?

Compressed Wood Pallets, also known as Presswood Pallets, are pallets made from a variety of wood by-products, including scrap pallets, wood waste, wood shavings, and sawdust. They are typically made from resinous trees, with chips coming directly from logging and sawmills or the wood-recycling business. These materials are bonded with resin, or similar bonding agents and are moulded by a specifically-designed moulding tool. It is then compressed under force and heat, producing the one-piece pallet.

Compressed Wood Pallets are designed to hold substantial load capacities, while optimising space. They are also nestable and stackable, which helps in maximising storage and reducing freight costs during shipment.

How Compressed Wood Pallets Aid in Sustainability Efforts

Compressed Wood Pallets are created by shredding and reprocessing old pallets. Because they are made of recycled wood waste, they help minimise carbon emissions whilst saving money.

Because Compressed Wooden Pallets are built entirely from waste materials – ranging from recovered wood fibre to sugar cane pulp – our pallets are eco-friendly and meet ISPM15 Export Guidelines for wood packaging. The ISPM 15 regulations limit the spread of disease and pests whilst transporting wood packing materials internationally. Our compressed wood pallets, along with our wooden products, are compliant with ISPM 15 regulations, preventing biodiversity harm.

Compressed Wood Pallets are also highly reusable and durable, making them a cost-effective logistics solution as well.

AXIS Supply Chain’s Compressed Wood Pallets are uniquely designed to withstand heavy loads whilst being relatively light. Our compressed wood pallets weigh approximately 18kg (+/- 2kg variance) with a dynamic load rating of up to 2,000kg.

AXIS Supply Chain provides Compressed Wooden Pallets in a wide range of sizes.

Our most common export footprints are 1140mm x 1140mm and 1100mm x 1100mm. Another popular design is our “New” Australian footprint pallet rack pallet. Not only is this pallet 1160mm x 1160mm in size, and also fits into standard in-beam pallet racking. Custom sizes are also available and affordable, made possible by the low-cost of the compression mould tool used for the manufacture of these pallets.

AXIS Supply Chain Materials Handling Solutions

AXIS has a proven track record of finding and constructing the best packaging, handling, and logistics solutions for any organisation. By analysing these three primary areas, we identify inefficiencies and develop sensible, new products that boost connection and profitability. 

We adhere to the seven R’s of Logistics Solutions (Right Product, Right Quantity, Right Condition, Right Place, Right Time, Right Customer, and Right Price) to ensure seamless end-to-end integration with the goal of increasing handling efficiency, safely transporting goods, and ensuring their security at the lowest possible cost.

AXIS Supply Chain connects raw material suppliers, manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, distributors, logistics providers, retailers, and consumers with end-to-end solutions. We consider your supply chain, providing solutions to the difficulties your organisation is facing.

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