Company Overview

AXIS Supply Chain is a market leader in materials handling and packaging solutions. We are innovators in our field, having over 25 years’ experience and skill in providing quality products throughout Australia.

We provide solutions to sectors and industries that face the challenges of transporting goods securely and cost efficiently throughout the world. By delivering and developing materials handling and transport packaging products, we aim to preserve, secure, and protect your precious goods.

The Team

No matter what your sector or requirements are, you can depend on the AXIS Supply Chain team to offer competitive pricing, quality products, and innovative solutions.
Our highly experienced team places high value on customer service, efficiency, and reliability.


Our company provides a wide range of Materials Handling and Transport Packaging Consumables to ensure our clients goods are delivered safely and efficiently. We stock a large range of off-the-shelf products and also pride ourselves on delivering bespoke solutions to challenges our clients face.

AXIS Supply Chain draws on over 25 years’ experience and our vast global network of expert partners. By collaborating with our clients and understanding their challenges, we deliver optimal solutions. Our team is passionate about making a difference, ensuring our client’s goods arrive safely, improving operational efficiencies and reducing our impact on the planet.

Marty Green
Managing Director
AXIS Supply Chain



We offer a diverse range of high quality transport packaging consumables to ensure that your products are transported safely whilst meeting the specific demands of your industry.


We are constantly growing our product range, delivering the most up-to-date technical solutions from our global network of suppliers.


AXIS Supply Chain pay careful attention to all modalities of logistics, integrating our solutions to improve efficiency, utilisation and product security.

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