Materials Handling

Materials Handling

Innovative Materials Handling Solutions for Your Business

The global economy is reliant on trade and the transport of commodities throughout many different types of supply chains. Materials Handling equipment are, therefore, critical to keep everything moving efficiently.

With over 25 years’ experience, AXIS Supply Chain continues to design, manufacture and source the very best Materials Handling products. Working alongside local and global partners, focusing on sustainability and innovation, our mission is to deliver high quality, time & cost saving equipment to streamline your operations.

With a comprehensive range of Plastic Pallets, Roll Cages, Plastic Crates, Foldable Bins, IBC’s, Steel Stillages and much more, our team have a proven track record in delivering solutions to a vast range of industries.

Project deliverables and customer expectations form the foundation of any new collaboration as we work closely with our customers to provide an initial scope. Identifying pain points, inefficiencies and other areas of importance assist our team in developing a solution, tailored to the specific challenges at hand. With an extensive and expanding partner network, AXIS offer an almost unlimited product range and industry experience.

If a product is not available “off the shelf”, our design team can develop a customised solution. Drawing on decades of experience, we provide transparency and peace of mind every step of the way as we supply estimates and timelines, CAD drawings, FEA analysis, manufacturing moulds and prototypes.

Our product range, showcased on this website, is not limited to these more popular sellers. For most product categories there are many more variations in size, material, and functionality. By contacting us, no matter how large or small your enquiry may be, we ensure that our team can connect you with the right product and solution.

Various industries present many different challenges when it comes to providing Materials Handling solutions. Product specifications, climatic conditions, transport conditions, size and weight limitations, types of pallet racking to name a few. It is therefore critical to work with a trusted partner like AXIS Supply Chain to ensure consideration is given to every detail. 

Industries we have helped include:

AXIS is proud to partner with global leaders in Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP) here in Australia. As the world moves toward a circular economy, AXIS is at the forefront, providing sustainable solutions to help reduce waste created by one-way packaging. Where there is a closed loop, there is an opportunity to reuse the packaging product, drastically reducing disposable materials and landfill. Our RTP range is designed for long term use and vehicle optimisation, delivering an efficient alternative to outdated processes.

Purchasing a fleet of Materials Handling equipment can be a large capital expenditure and impact cash flow. In most cases the project expenditure will deliver immediate savings so by taking advantage of our Finance packages we ensure the savings are cash flow positive from the outset. 

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