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Innovate your supply chain with the Loadhog Pally & Lid System

Modern retail, health and postal supply chains in Europe and the US have embraced the Pally & Lid over the past decade and now Australian companies have direct access to this patented, breakthrough product, thanks to Loadhog and its AU partner, AXIS Supply Chain.



  • Pallet that converts to a wheeled dolly
  • End-to-end transit packaging system
  • Stable and manoeuvrable
  • One touch merchandising solution
  • Inbuilt container locators
  • Compatible with automation systems
  • Increase vehicle fill up to 42%
  • No pump trucks or forklifts required
  • Create Pally train with the tow hitch accessory


  • Size: 800 x 600 x 196mm
  • Load capacity: 250/500kg
  • Weight 12/15kg
  • Ground Clearance: 36/28mm


  • Push/pull handle: Weight: 1.52kg Dimensions: 100 x 32 x 15cm
  • Tow hitch: Weight (kg): 1.12kg, Dimensions: 31 x 31.5 x 10.5cm



  • Retractable straps
  • Integrated tensioning mechanism
  • Eco friendly plastic free pallet security
  • Eliminate plastic film and banding
  • Labour saving – 20 seconds vs 2-3 minutes for stretch wrap
  • Range of sizes
  • Tamper proof


  • Size for Pally: 800 x 600mm
  • External Dimensions: 822 x 618 x 93mm
  • Max. stacking load: 2000kg
  • Weight of 2 strap lid: 6.15kg


  • 2 or 4 strap lids
  • Custom sizes
  • Branded straps

This revolutionary system combines the Pally, a pallet that converts to a wheeled dolly with the press of a foot switch and a Lid that eliminates plastic stretch film with its retractable strapping system.

The Pally houses an innovative mechanism that lifts the pallet bearers, enabling the castors to take affect and off you go! The simple foot switch means you can wheel the secure load throughout the DC and onto a vehicle at the loading dock or convert to a pallet and load the truck via a conventional forklift. Once the load arrives at the destination there more options, wheel the units off by utilising a tail lift or unload by fork. Once grounded, simply wheel the system into store and all the way to the shelf. 

The Lid, which is designed to fit the Pally and available in standard pallet sizes, is placed on top of the laden Pally and secured to the Pally base with its retractable straps. The load rated strap and hook system is directly fitted into purpose-built slots on the Pally and then tensioned by hand by a mechanism very similar to a standard truck ratchet strap. 

The combination of these two products creates a game changing materials handing solution for many industries delivering better vehicle utilisation, eliminating plastic film whilst improving handling and mobilisation.

The system also integrates with our range of Attached Lid Security Containers, Stack-Nest and Foldable Containers perfect for non-stackable or high value products.

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