Plastic Crates

Handheld Plastic Crates for almost any application

When it comes to product integrity, security, and efficiency during transport & storage a Plastic Container ticks all the boxes. With our extensive range and so many variations and features it is important to work with a trusted partner like AXIS to determine the very best fit for your business.

Plastic Tubs are the ideal choice for a multitude of different industries including retail, food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, healthcare, dairy, logistics, removalists, mining, warehousing, e-commerce and many more…

For food applications it is important to ensure the Plastic Tote is manufactured from food grade material and capable of withstanding the rigours of freezers, cool rooms, and temperature fluctuations during transit. Degradation and leakage are factors that must be considered to avoid contamination.

AXIS supply a complete range of Plastic Crates including Attached Lid Containers (Security Crates), Bale Arm Crates, Stack Nest Crates, UN Certified Crates and Foldable Crates. Our range is extensive with hundreds of designs and size variations to choose from. Our advertised selection is only a snapshot of our capabilities so please get in touch with our team and let us know exactly what you need.  

Some applications however may require a Custom Plastic Container as “off-the-shelf” products do not meet with your project requirements. For many FMCG industries compatibility with automation systems is also a must and AXIS have a track record in developing custom-made Plastic Crates to suit. 

By collaborating closely with our customers in the discovery phase we develop an initial scope of works ensuring all factors are considered. Utilising 3D CAD modelling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) our experienced team can then design a purpose-built Plastic Tote from the ground up. Once approved, we move to prototyping, testing and production.

Our range of Plastic Containers come with so many different features including:

AXIS have made available all these variations to ensure that every business need is addressed.

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