Foldable Plastic Crates

Foldable Plastic Crates, the ultimate for return logistics

Thanks to our high folding ratio’s, when it comes to maximising vehicle fill for reverse logistics, nothing rivals a completely Foldable Plastic Crate. Available in a huge range of sizes and designed for both food and non-food applications our Foldable Containers are stackable, durable, robust, and stable.

Following market research and comparison with other designs our engineering team have increased the impact resistance of our containers with a reinforced base and corners.

With optional lids and security seals, this range provides a tamper proof solution, sealing the contents inside. With ergonomically placed handles, manual handling is a breeze and thanks to our innovative designs the process of knocking-down the Foldable Plastic Container into a flat, stackable empty is fast and efficient. 

For food applications, freshness, drainage, and air flow, our ventilated models are the perfect choice. Thanks to minimal recesses our Collapsible Crates are also hygienic and easy to clean. With reinforced ribbing, strength is assured at an optimal weight.

Non-food applications are catered for with our versatile, solid walled Collapsible Container’s. Lightweight yet robust, the straight inner walls increase internal capacity compared to nestable alternatives, maximising space efficiency. 

Optional dividers are also available to segment the Small Foldable Containers contents whilst identification options include a range of colours, labelling locations and embossed branding. 

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