Bulk Bag Plastic Pallets

New Innovative Bulk Bag Plastic Pallets come to Australia!

Bulk bags are traditionally a materials handling challenge due to their non uniform dimensions and weight.

Prone to slipping on a traditional export pallet, AXIS solve this issue with our unique product that allows the bags to nestle into the contours of the top deck, whilst maintaining access for forklifts. This is of significant importance when bags are double stacked and allows for safe and efficient loading and unloading.

Due to the nestable functionality, our bulk bag pallets are lightweight, can be stored efficiently when not in use and are a preferred cost alternative to traditional plastic pallets.

We also offer a variety of heavy duty options to handle commodities with higher densities, requiring a stronger bag and pallet combination. With a large range of sizes available AXIS can cater for your specific requirements.

Made from recycled materials, reusable and recyclable, our pallets are a sustainable bulk handling solution. The non-porous nature of our bulk bag plastic pallets make them the ideal choice for food and mineral export. Moisture in timber pallets contributes to relative humidity in sea containers and can ultimately lead to container rain, with disastrous effects to your precious cargo.

Compliant with ISPM15 regulations our plastic pallet range will breeze through customs! No certificates, toxic fumigation or stamps are required, avoiding costly disruptions in your supply chain.

Traditional timber pallets are heavy, harder to handle and pose potential safety concerns when compared to lightweight plastic pallets. Nails and splinters are a risk to the integrity of the bulk bag, contributing to product loss or damage.

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