Export Plastic Pallets

Export Plastic Pallets are ideal for shipping cargo

AXIS Supply Chain can supply the right export plastic pallet for your companies needs. Our range covers many different sizes, load ratings and features perfect for any application. We can also develop custom plastic export pallets for specific handling solutions.

Exporters from many Industries including food processing, agriculture, mining and manufacturing can rely on our environmentally friendly alternatives to heat treatment which is required when using timber pallets.

Export plastic pallets are lighter in weight, typically less than 12 kilograms per pallet. Some pallets are as light as 5kg, helping reduce the increasing costs of transportation.

Export plastic pallets are predominately manufactured from recycled materials and can also be recycled again once the pallet is no longer required. AXIS Supply Chain can assist with recycling programs for unwanted plastic pallets. 

Due to the nature of plastic these types of pallets are reusable, extending their lifespan and reducing the need for one way pallets. This assists to reduce disposal costs and contributes to a more circular economy.

Plastic pallets are a preferred option for export compared to timber pallets as they are exempt from ISPM 15 bio-security regulations. Therefore the pallet is not required to be fumigated and accompanied by written certifications and stamps that are required for customs clearance of all wooden pallets.

Plastic pallets also have a number of advantages when compared with wooden pallets.

Easily washed steam cleaned, plastic pallets can also be chemically sterilised, ideal for food and pharmaceutical exports. The export plastic pallet is water resistant, free from mould and bacteria. Free from splinters and nails they are also easier and safer to handle, delivering better OHS outcomes.

Stricter tolerances in weight eliminate variations in freight costs providing peace of mind. The pallet dimensions are more consistent than wooden pallets allowing integration with automation systems and compatibility with air freight handling equipment.

Sourcing export plastic pallets AXIS can deliver greater continuity and reliability to your export operations. With increased container quantities, Nestable pallets can save on freight costs and reduce storage space for empty pallets at your facility.

AXIS offer a wide variety of internationally recognised standard sizes such as;

In addition to these common sizes we also supply a wide range of non standard sizes, product specific designs and customised solutions including;

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