Hygiene Pallets

Meet Food & Pharmaceutical Regulations With Hygiene Plastic Pallets

Hygiene compliance is of the utmost importance to industries manufacturing products for human consumption. Food processors and pharmaceutical companies head the list with very strict regulations that MUST be adhered to. Therefore, these sectors turn to AXIS Supply Chain when it comes to supplying a Hygiene Plastic Pallet. Our solution must not only comply with relevant codes but deliver on other important project related requirements.

Every customer is different, so our approach is to develop a key understanding of the deliverables for each project. Following detailed consultation, our experience and network of local and global suppliers are the key to connecting you with the right pallet.

Our range covers a multitude of sizes, load ratings and colours whilst maintaining smooth, easily cleanable surfaces. This enables fast, efficient manual cleaning or sterilisation to HACCP standards with an AXIS recommended, semi or fully automatic pallet washing machine.

Hygiene Plastic Pallets have many advantages over timber pallets. Wooden pallets will not only splinter leaving unwanted debris and dust in your facility but are also susceptible to mould and bacteria. Their non-porous nature means they will retain moisture and cannot be cleaned leaving your business exposed to unnecessary risk. Protruding nails can also pose a threat to the integrity of your finished products outer packaging.

Virgin PE is the material of choice, especially for diverse environments such as cool rooms and freezers due to its flexibility and strength when compared to recycled material. We can also be sure the material has not been subjected to unknown factors in a previous life such as UV degradation that can impact on fragility and affect the pallets safe working load. A vented top deck is also available for freezer applications, allowing more air flow and therefore contact between your product and the cold air.

When achieving load ratings, drive-In pallet racking can create more challenges than in-beam racking as the pallet is only supported on its two outer edges. The pallet can flex creating deflection in the centre where only small tolerances are acceptable. For added piece of mind we specify steel reinforcement for most cold storage or drive-in racking applications.

AXIS can also design, manufacture and test Custom Plastic Pallets to suit very specific customer requirements. Our CAD design capabilities, fine element analysis (FEA), experienced tool making facilities and stringent prototype testing programs ensure we will exceed expectation for any new project.

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