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Streamline Stock Replenishment With Roll Cages

Safe, efficient transport of goods for industries including retail, dairy, supermarkets & convenience stores, and commercial laundries, is made easy with AXIS Supply Chain’s range of Roll Cages designed for the Australian market.

As the world strives towards reducing disposable packaging the Replenishment Cage plays a vital role. Designed to nest when not in operation, reducing storage space and increasing vehicle optimisation for reverse logistics, the Roll Cage is the ideal solution for Return Transport Packaging (RTP).

With multiple sizes and packed with options including 2 to 4 hinged sides, relocatable shelves, braked swivel castors, label plates and retention straps, the AXIS range covers most applications. We can also design and manufacture Custom Roll Cages for more specific requirements.

Roll Cages or Roll Pallets are the industry standard for stock distribution in the world of FMCG thanks to their versality and ease-of-use. Picking and cross docking at distribution centres, loading and unloading vehicles and manual delivery to the shelf are made fast, safe, and efficient. Whilst the cages can be manually rolled onto the vehicle at a dock facility, they are also easily handled by forklift and come with specific load rating guidelines.

Manufactured predominantly from wear resistant, electrolytically galvanized steel our Roll Cages are durable whilst easy to handle. Light in weight and fitted with high-quality wheels and ergonomic handles, manual handling is a breeze. Picking and decanting is also fast and efficient thanks to the hinged sides allowing for easy access. 

OHS & inbuilt safety features form an integral part of all our designs including swivel & braked castors, handling & load guide information and open mesh sides for increased visibility. Our ergonomic designs also assist in reducing repetitive stress related injuries.

Our 35000m2 ISO Certified production facility also utilises state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques including automated production lines with robotic welding, eliminating sharp edges found on manually welded cages.

AXIS Roll Cages are built to last, yet we also offer repair & maintenance to prolong the lifespan, maximising your return on investment. Many parts are interchangeable including doors, castors & shelves and we stock a wide range of these spares.

For custom requirements AXIS are at the forefront of design and manufacturing capability, offering our customers a seamless process from initial scoping to an operational solution. For larger projects AXIS also offer Finance options which can be tailored to customer requirements ensuring cash flow positivity from the outset.

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