Steel Cages

Steel Cages For Storage and Transport

When load retention, safety and efficiency throughout the supply chain are critical, look no further than our range of Pallet Cages, Steel Stillages and Tyre Stillages. Available in a range of sizes and engineered and rated for a wide variety of applications, our Steel Cages are an obvious choice.

Whilst a pallet can support loads of 1 -2 tonne, it is not designed for product retention. Moreover, its load must be secured with strapping or stretch film, creating plastic waste. This problem is overcome by utilising a Steel Stillage or Pallet Cage. Its outer steel mesh sides provide a safety barrier whilst reducing load times, eliminating disposable packaging, and providing extra protection. 

AXIS Pallet Cages offer a retention solution to an existing pallet. Utilising the existing pallet as the base the Pallet Cage simply locks on, creating a 4-sided outer barrier. Now, the existing pallet and cage are stackable thanks to the innovative pallet locators.

Our range of Steel Stillages are stand-alone units that come with their own steel base. Built to last, the units are foldable and stackable when loaded or empty which means increased vehicle and storage efficiencies. 

All our retention solutions are packed with options to suit your needs: From drop gates, hinged doors, removable sides, lids, and label plates we also offer a range of mesh sizes or full sheets to completely enclose your products. When it comes to the finish, we can provide zinc plated, galvanised or powder coated Steel Cages in a range of colours.

Our tyre stillages and post pallets are ideal for tyres and over length products such as timber, pipe, and carpet.

They are also a preferred option for standard pallet loads where there is limited floor space and no pallet racking. The pallet is simply loaded directly onto the post pallet and can then be stacked up to 4 high. The stack-ability is achieved with cupped feet at the top of the posts, or at the base of the unit which simply interlock with the next unit.

For custom requirement’s AXIS have over 25 years’ experience designing Steel Retention Cages. Working collaboratively with our customers during the discovery phase we discuss project deliverables and develop an initial scope of work. Our engineers then commence the design phase as we develop 3D models and conduct Fine Element Analysis (FEA) to present a tailored solution. Prototyping, testing and final production at our state-of-the-art 30,000m2 facility round out the project, providing transparency and ensuring customer satisfaction at every stage.

For larger projects don’t let capital expenditure restraints become a barrier to an improved, cash flow positive supply chain solution. AXIS offer finance packages tailored to each specific project and our customers’ transport packaging needs.

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