Thermal Covers

Protect Your Cargo From Temperature Fluctuations!

Across many industries, products in transit by sea, air or road can be exposed to severe temperature fluctuations. In many cases, this may lead to irreversible product damage, which can lead to lost sales, expensive insurance claims, and, most importantly, a loss of customer faith in your product.

Having a thermal cover provides that layer of protection to your precious cargo that are vulnerable to heat caused by conduction, radiation and convection.

In addition to thermal covers, a reflective thermal liner can be used within an ISO shipping container which is then loaded by using a forklift, hand loading or slip sheets. It can then be sealed, creating it’s own environment and protecting the contents.

Thermal Pallet Cover image1
Thermal Pallet Cover

When does cargo get exposed to heat?

Conduction – When cargo is direct contact with container walls

Radiation – When heat penetrates through the container from an infrared radiation outside the container

Convection – When hot air is generated from within the container and is circulating in the container


  • Temperature fluctuations are greatly reduced
  • Cost effective radiant barrier
  • Creates it’s own atmosphere for better protection
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Also protects from condensation and moisture
  • Customisable to suit a wide range of products or packaging types
Thermal Roll Cage Cover image1
Thermal Roll Cage Cover
Thermal Bag with handles image1
Thermal Bag with handles


  • Wine
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food
  • Electronics
  • Pallet Covers
  • Cartons
  • Roll Cages
  • Drums
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