Track & Trace

Track & Trace

AXIS Supply Chain has partnered with LOSCAM – one of the leading Track and Trace technology providers in Australia. 

In addition to AXIS Supply Chain’s diverse client and product range that requires reliable transport packaging, we would also need reliable tracking and tracing technologies to ensure safety during the logistics process.

Through LOSCAM, AXIS Supply Chain now offers the capability of monitoring live data, security levels, and tracking of assets through a comprehensive web platform with an integrated portal for enhanced tracking experience for customers across Australia and New Zealand.

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LOSCAM Online Fundamental Functions:

Equipment Management

  • Generate transfers
  • Client pre-set delay arrangements, offering automatic delay day calculation
  • Multiple equipment types
  • Option to correct transfers
  • Submit Issue and Dehire authorisations
  • Locational tracking for internal and external movements (IOU)

Account information

  • Access to transactional history and docket search
  • Error docket listing and the management of transactions in error
  • Download statements and invoices
  • Product and invoice balances updated daily

Electronic Reconciliation

  • Electronically reconcile transfers processed by Loscam, against transfers keyed by Loscam Online users.
  • On screen reconciliation providing details of un-reconciled transfers.
  • Option to electronically submit a correction or rejection

Advanced Reporting

  • Graphical Drilldown
  • 12 month transactional analysis
  • Transaction reports
  • Reconciliation reports
  • Location reports
  • Option to export reports into Excel

User Access Flexibility

  • No installation required
  • Available 24/7 via the internet
  • Email login process for secure, simplified access
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