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Industry Solutions

Typically, a supply chain connects, via intermodal transport, the removal and processing of raw material/s, manufacturing and/or production, storage and then distribution before finally reaching the consumer. This process, irrespective of end product spans many different industry sectors, often presenting very unique challenges with respect to packaging, materials handling and logistics solutions.

Capabilities Overview

Recent Projects

Axis has a proven track record when it comes to supplying and designing the very best packaging, handling and logistics solutions for any business. By analysing these 3 core areas we identify inefficiencies and provide logical, innovative products to improve connectivity and increase profitability. Below is a list of just some of the latest projects successfully delivered by the Axis team.


Introducing a new fleet of  sturdy, lightweight foldable trays to vegetable grower to eliminate rental containers, increasing life span and reducing return logistic costs.


Supply and pool management of a large 1000 x 600mm, nestable, attached lid container (Hogbox) utilised for closed loop transportation of parts between supplier and manufacturing facility.


Design & supply of 11.5L stack & nest box with rounded pillars for industrial customers supplying morning products including pastries, biscuits and confectionary.

Dairies & Cheese

Supply of robust foldable large container (FLC) to autmoate the storage and supply of ingredients and primary packaging for end of line packaging machines ensuring 100% inventory accuracy and reducing product damage.


Supply of hygienic, lightweight plastic pallets and slip sheets for exporting milk powder, eliminating bio-security costs and delays.

Food Processing

Supply of 1000 litre foldable IBC’s to fruit juice concentrate producer to replace 200 litre steel drums and liner bags increasing vehicle utilisation and eliminating wooden pallets.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Design and supply of steel drum lifter and drum lifting attachment for mobilisation and vehicle loading. The lifter is foldable allowing for easy storage in the vehicle and is assembled for use in seconds.


Supply of Pally magnum & lid system to Healthcare provider for manual transport of pharmaceuticals and food from loading docks throughout hospital wards.

Logistics & Warehousing

Supply of rigid walled containers to automation manufacturer to integration with custom designed warehousing system improving handling efficiency and integrate with automated handling devices.

Mining / Oil & Gas

Supply of post pallets to increase vehicle utilisation by vertical stacking of pallets for road transport between distribution hub and remote supply bases.

On-line Retail

Design & development of rigid walled containers for integration with existing automation line for on-line fashion company reducing base deflection.


Supply of thermal pallet covers significantly lowering the temperature of shipments allowing for utilisation of non refridgerated transport.